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Sunday, 10 August 2008 20:22 administrator
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Avalon’s Spa will be centered around the healing waters.

Since early times, people have gathered around natural springs to access their healing power.  Many believe that the word “SPA” originates from the Latin “Salus Per Aquam” or “Wellness Through Water.” The resort embraces this approach by offering various treatments that utilize the natural healing waters that are abundant at Avalon Springs.

WaterDance Aquatic Bodywork


Avalon Springs is already connected with the originators and masters in various aquatic therapies including: Waterdance™, Watsu™, Water-Chi, and other rehabilitative therapies especially useful in recuperating from surgery, spinal injury, and illness. Richard Bock, one of the founding partners of Avalon Springs, is one of the earliest and best-known Watsu™ practitioners, a founder of Waterdance™, and an internationally renowned teacher and practitioner of various forms of aquatic bodywork for almost twenty years.  Aquatic therapies have been more successful in Europe until this point. There are very few centers for aquatic bodywork that feature mineral springs in the United States. However, these effective and deeply healing therapies will inevitably become more popular in the United States.  Avalon Springs will become the premiere center for Aquatic Bodywork and water therapies.

While water-based therapies will be what Avalon Springs will be known for, the resort will also offer a full complement of spa services.  These will include massage, herbal and organic healing skin treatments, integrative and alternative treatments, and cleanse and detox support.  Avalon’s approach to healing is one of empowerment and education, offering a variety of choices and healing experiences for guests.

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