Mineral Waters of Avalon Springs

Tuesday, 07 June 2011 16:54 Mellissa Seaman
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Avalon Lithia Water

Avalon Springs is graced with an abundance of natural mineral water sources.

*** Avalon Springs is expected to open to the public in 2014 ***

Four Hot/warm bathing springs include:

  • Dragon Spring – 117° strengthening iron

  • Mother Spring – 100° skin-softening Boron

  • Medicine Spring – 100° relaxing Magnesium

  • Grace Spring – 90° private bath in the pine forest

Seven Drinking Springs include:

  • Lithium Spring – mood-balancing

    Iron soda sparkling water

  • Sycamore Spring – sweet forest water

  • Bohemia Spring – historic “hangover” cure

  • Source Spring – fresh water spring

  • Howard’s Spring – mineral-rich fresh water

  • Avalon’s Well – crystal-clear drinking


  • Iron Soda Spring – naturally sparkling with

    a lemony taste

Mineral Spring Water

People often ask what’s in Avalon's water.  Our waters are all distinct, but we can say that none of them has high levels of Sulphur, so they don’t have that egg-smell.   They all have some Lithium and it’s relaxing properties.  They all have some Magnesium, and it’s health-inducing properties.  And they are all amazing, beautiful, and completely natural.

Here are some more official answers to the question “What’s in the water?”


For the two main hot springs: Dragon Spring and Medicine Spring:

Hot Springs Mineral Components



For the three main drinking water sources – Avalon’s Well, Source Spring, and Sycamore Spring:

Drinking Mineral Springs

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