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Dining at Avalon Springs



The kitchen at Avalon Springs will draw ingredients straight from the garden, offering an ample buffet-style meal plan with large meals twice daily (lunch and dinner) and a juice and snack bar available for breakfast and between-meals needs.  Meals will be served in the main lodge, and snacks and a simple breakfast will be available in the guest services building on the upper site.

Guests wishing a more formal and luxurious farm-to-table dining experience may sign up to partake of the intimate “chef’s seating” dinner at an additional price.   This would offer a unique opportunity to be served a freshly made full-service multi-course meal, complete with personal attention and dialogue with the head chef onsite.

Entrees for meals at Avalon will include some organic local meats, fish, and poultry as well as ample fresh vegetarian fare sourced from local farms and Avalon’s own gardens. Raw food delights will also be showcased on occasion to feature the potency and taste of the freshest produce available.

Wine will also be a part of the Avalon experience, as the surrounding region is graced with many sustainable award-winning vineyards and wine-makers.  Wine will be a welcome addition to dinner, and guests will be welcomed to enjoy wine in their rooms and private patios.

By offering both the community feeling of buffet-style eating and the luxury of private seated dining, guests will choose which dining experience is most relaxing.  With every meal introducing healing foods preparation including raw food delicacies, superfood juices, and healing teas, dining at Avalon will be a healing experience.  Unlike many healing resorts, Avalon Springs will have no dogmatic restrictions on diet, allowing the guests the freedom to explore options and choose their own ways to nourish themselves naturally, with everything from raw chocolates to hearty meats and local wines.

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