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Currently in development, and welcoming private groups only, Avalon Springs is set to become an affordable yet luxurious hot springs eco-resort located North of the Napa Valley Wine region near Clear Lake.

Historic Rustic Cabins

Currently, the only accommodations onsite are the original historic redwood cabins and lodge rooms.  Most rooms are double occupancy and have a private half bathroom.  


Avalon's planned eco-cabins will be built of earthen cob and redwood, with a private bathroom and redwood deck. Locations enjoy views over the panoramic valley, over gardens and over the bathing sanctuary. 

Family Yurts

Our development plan includes family yurts -- the perfect choice for families and friends who want to stay together in a luxurious 30' diameter yurt, richly apportioned and enjoying the community feeling of a small village.

Platform Tent Cabins

Our planned platform tent cabins will be settled on their own redwood decks or cut into the hillside on earthen foundations, providing the luxury of organic bedding and fine furnishings with the romance and relaxation of being amongst the pines and meadows of Avalon Springs.  

Projected initial room rates will range from $125 to $250 per night.

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