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Avalon For Sale

Thursday, 07 November 2013 09:00 administrator
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Avalon Springs has changed hands, and is now for sale!

Who will be the stewards of this beautiful project?

Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information.

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IDEATE and Avalon

Tuesday, 06 November 2012 09:42 Mellissa Seaman
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In September 2012, Avalon Springs participated in creating the IDEATE innovation camp, a collaborative maker space and ideation lab at the center of Burning Man.  This camp was sponsored by the Burning Man founders to bring together cultural thought leaders who could further the innovative aspects of Burning Man in creating culture that is more generous, more artistic, and more collaborative.  Entrepreneurs from many innovative companies and projects came together to brainstorm new ways of creating positive global creative culture.  This interactive space was lead by Bear Kittay, an Avalon member-founder, with both Michael Woods and Mellissa Seaman in attendance.  Avalon Springs is valued by the IDEATE community as the flagship example for a rural retreat center appropriate for collaborative entrepreneurial networking and co-creative events.

The idea and planning for IDEATE camp was conceived during a set of collaborative meetings at Avalon Springs during the Spring of 2012.  The IDEATE community continues to be involved in the creation and full build of Avalon Springs.


Remodel in 2011

Saturday, 29 October 2011 12:29 Mellissa Seaman
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Pool through Window at Avalon Springs

Summer/Fall 2011 saw a lot of changes onsite at Avalon Springs.

With the planned demolition of the old bath house buildings and about half of the cabins, the site became more open and spacious, with breezes flowing freely from the upper site down through the landscaped cabins and pools.  The shape and texture of the land is more visible, and soil amendment has begun to prepare for the extensive landscaping.  Meanwhile, initial landscaping includes fragrant pollinator-friendly flowers like lavendar and purple sage, fruit producing fig trees, decorative amaranth, and sculpted paths.

Harvest at Avalon in 2011 brought a bumper crop of white and red grapes, a continual strawberry crop, and lots of tomatoes for stewing, canning, and drying, along with peppers, eggplant, and arugula.

New redwood and cedar hot tubs were installed over a beautiful redwood deck, built from the wood that was once the historic cabins.  While these interim pools may not remain for the final installation, they provide a beautiful vision of the future of Avalon Springs.

All of these improvements were part of the Avalon Team's efforts to showcase the beauty and potential for the eco-resort, to honor the land as it is, and to draw in the final partners for the last funding phase.  Avalon Springs is growing more beautiful, and this is only the beginning. Even through difficult economic times, Avalon Springs is going strong.  It's time to celebrate, and hunker down for the Winter, preparing for more renovation in the Spring.

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Beautiful Green Buildings that Heat and Cool Themselves

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 06:46 administrator
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Structures that heat and cool themselves with no centralized systems?  Yes, this will be the norm at Avalon Springs.  Avalon’s architect, David Arkin, along with his wife architect Anni Tilt, is the principal of Arkin-Tilt based out of Berkeley, California.  And he is an expert in designing structures with the right materials, the right sun exposure, and the right airflow to heat and cool themselves.


Most of all, David Arkin is well-known for creating beautiful buildings that also happen to be sustainable and highly functional.   He says, “We need to show that green design is flexible and inventive and fun and functional and even beautiful. We have had projects published in Sunset, and Country Home Journal, and the Financial Times of London. While we are embarrassed that it is "news" it is absolutely critical that people see that ecology is independent of style.”


David is excited about designing Avalon.  With initial design work already sketched out, he has created a look and feel that integrate a simple elegance with natural surfaces like earthen wall finishes, woven Manzanita branches, and zen-style wood trellising.  The design is described as “Earth Zen,” a perfect complement to the peaceful hot springs waters and lush verdant gardens of Avalon Springs.



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Keepers of the Waters Praise Avalon

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 06:46 administrator
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International Water expert Betsy Damon praises Avalon’s plans for leading-edge water systems design.  “Water is the creative force of the planet,” says Betsy Damon, describing why Avalon Springs’ approach to showcasing appropriate water systems is so important right now.   With so much water including multiple drinking, mineral, and hot springs, she claims that Avalon is the perfect site to showcase a living water system that is as beautiful as it is efficient.


Damon first became interested in Avalon Springs when she led a panel discussion at the Bioneers Conference of 2009 in Marin, California.  She was impressed by the research the Avalon team had already done on the rainfall, stormwater, and spring water before designing the project.  Since then, Ms. Damon has become a Founding Member of Avalon Springs, and advises the team in creating water systems that will include a beautiful seasonal creek to move stormwater, a greywater recycling system that will channel sink water for watering orchards, and various fountains and waterfalls to create sound, beauty, and to honor the water itself.


With an MFA from Columbia University, Betsy Damon founded Keepers of the Waters in 1991 to serve as an international communications network for projects that restore and preserve water by using a combination of art, science and community involvement.  Among many other projects in Asia and the U.S., she designed the internationally recognized Living Water Garden in Chengdu, China, effectively anchoring a large urban community with a renewed dedication to ecology management.


Keepers of the Waters

Last Updated on Monday, 29 November 2010 17:36

Avalon and Gandhi’s Vision

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 06:46 administrator
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Dr. Sujata Dutta Hazarika cited Avalon as a modern demonstration of Mahatma Gandhi’s vision for autonomous villages in her research study as a Fulbright scholar at UC Berkeley titled “De-Constructing Sustainability: Questioning Ideas of Growth and Consciousness” Dr. Hazarika visited the Avalon Springs site and conducted interviews, reviewed plans, and experienced the balance of grounded vision and integrated community aspect present in the project.

On November 16, 2010, Dr. Hazarika presented her research to a group of professors and students at the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues (ISSI) at UC Berkeley. She focused on Avalon Springs as an emerging example of community living in the West and established a continuum between intentional community initiatives and Mahatma Gandhi's political philosophy of 'Gram Swaraj'. She emphasized the merger of economic autonomy and sustainability with community building and spiritual content of self-reassessment in constructing this continuum.

She noted that many ecovillage initiatives fail to found themselves with a strong economic basis, and thus struggle. Avalon Springs, she noted, is based not only in utopian visions, but also is supported by a solid business plan and economic foundation that can provide an example for successful village models in coming times.

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