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Remodel in 2011

Saturday, 29 October 2011 12:29
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Pool through Window at Avalon Springs

Summer/Fall 2011 saw a lot of changes onsite at Avalon Springs.

With the planned demolition of the old bath house buildings and about half of the cabins, the site became more open and spacious, with breezes flowing freely from the upper site down through the landscaped cabins and pools.  The shape and texture of the land is more visible, and soil amendment has begun to prepare for the extensive landscaping.  Meanwhile, initial landscaping includes fragrant pollinator-friendly flowers like lavendar and purple sage, fruit producing fig trees, decorative amaranth, and sculpted paths.

Harvest at Avalon in 2011 brought a bumper crop of white and red grapes, a continual strawberry crop, and lots of tomatoes for stewing, canning, and drying, along with peppers, eggplant, and arugula.

New redwood and cedar hot tubs were installed over a beautiful redwood deck, built from the wood that was once the historic cabins.  While these interim pools may not remain for the final installation, they provide a beautiful vision of the future of Avalon Springs.

All of these improvements were part of the Avalon Team's efforts to showcase the beauty and potential for the eco-resort, to honor the land as it is, and to draw in the final partners for the last funding phase.  Avalon Springs is growing more beautiful, and this is only the beginning. Even through difficult economic times, Avalon Springs is going strong.  It's time to celebrate, and hunker down for the Winter, preparing for more renovation in the Spring.

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