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Avalon and Gandhi’s Vision

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 06:46
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Dr. Sujata Dutta Hazarika cited Avalon as a modern demonstration of Mahatma Gandhi’s vision for autonomous villages in her research study as a Fulbright scholar at UC Berkeley titled “De-Constructing Sustainability: Questioning Ideas of Growth and Consciousness” Dr. Hazarika visited the Avalon Springs site and conducted interviews, reviewed plans, and experienced the balance of grounded vision and integrated community aspect present in the project.

On November 16, 2010, Dr. Hazarika presented her research to a group of professors and students at the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues (ISSI) at UC Berkeley. She focused on Avalon Springs as an emerging example of community living in the West and established a continuum between intentional community initiatives and Mahatma Gandhi's political philosophy of 'Gram Swaraj'. She emphasized the merger of economic autonomy and sustainability with community building and spiritual content of self-reassessment in constructing this continuum.

She noted that many ecovillage initiatives fail to found themselves with a strong economic basis, and thus struggle. Avalon Springs, she noted, is based not only in utopian visions, but also is supported by a solid business plan and economic foundation that can provide an example for successful village models in coming times.

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