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Keepers of the Waters Praise Avalon

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 06:46
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International Water expert Betsy Damon praises Avalon’s plans for leading-edge water systems design.  “Water is the creative force of the planet,” says Betsy Damon, describing why Avalon Springs’ approach to showcasing appropriate water systems is so important right now.   With so much water including multiple drinking, mineral, and hot springs, she claims that Avalon is the perfect site to showcase a living water system that is as beautiful as it is efficient.


Damon first became interested in Avalon Springs when she led a panel discussion at the Bioneers Conference of 2009 in Marin, California.  She was impressed by the research the Avalon team had already done on the rainfall, stormwater, and spring water before designing the project.  Since then, Ms. Damon has become a Founding Member of Avalon Springs, and advises the team in creating water systems that will include a beautiful seasonal creek to move stormwater, a greywater recycling system that will channel sink water for watering orchards, and various fountains and waterfalls to create sound, beauty, and to honor the water itself.


With an MFA from Columbia University, Betsy Damon founded Keepers of the Waters in 1991 to serve as an international communications network for projects that restore and preserve water by using a combination of art, science and community involvement.  Among many other projects in Asia and the U.S., she designed the internationally recognized Living Water Garden in Chengdu, China, effectively anchoring a large urban community with a renewed dedication to ecology management.


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