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Beautiful Green Buildings that Heat and Cool Themselves

Tuesday, 08 September 2009 06:46
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Structures that heat and cool themselves with no centralized systems?  Yes, this will be the norm at Avalon Springs.  Avalon’s architect, David Arkin, along with his wife architect Anni Tilt, is the principal of Arkin-Tilt based out of Berkeley, California.  And he is an expert in designing structures with the right materials, the right sun exposure, and the right airflow to heat and cool themselves.


Most of all, David Arkin is well-known for creating beautiful buildings that also happen to be sustainable and highly functional.   He says, “We need to show that green design is flexible and inventive and fun and functional and even beautiful. We have had projects published in Sunset, and Country Home Journal, and the Financial Times of London. While we are embarrassed that it is "news" it is absolutely critical that people see that ecology is independent of style.”


David is excited about designing Avalon.  With initial design work already sketched out, he has created a look and feel that integrate a simple elegance with natural surfaces like earthen wall finishes, woven Manzanita branches, and zen-style wood trellising.  The design is described as “Earth Zen,” a perfect complement to the peaceful hot springs waters and lush verdant gardens of Avalon Springs.



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