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Monday, 10 October 2011 16:05 Mellissa Seaman
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Eco-Cabin Concept Interior Tent Cabin Concept

There will be three types of lodging at Avalon Springs:  thirty-seven tent cabins (160-180 square feet), twenty-eight eco-cabins (160-180 square feet), and fifteen family tent cabins (700 square feet).  The tent cabins and family tent cabins will be sited on wood platforms.  Eco-cabins will have an earthen base.  The tents and eco-cabins are designed for double occupancy, while the family tents are designed to sleep up to six people.

Each tent cabin and cabin eco-cabin tent will have a bedroom, storage closet, and a bathroom including a shower.  Each family yurt will have two sleeping areas designed to accommodate a family of 4-6 people in total.  The guestrooms will have hot water and heating, with LED lighting.

Tent cabins will be wood framed with hung windows, doors, and canvas walls, providing a “luxury camping experience” (see www.sweetwaterbungalows.com).

Family tent cabins will be 30’ diameter yurts, similar to the Rainier models (see www.rainieryurts.com).  Eco-cabins are to be craftsman style cottages, with walls formed of earthen construction featuring reclaimed redwood trim from the historic cabins that were de-constructed on the site.  All tent cabins, eco cabins, and family tent cabins will have their own porch with a view.

Event Hall Yurt Concept


The guestroom cabins are spread out over the entire site, and separated by landscaping, to create a sense of spaciousness and privacy.

Between the lower and upper sites, the units break down as follows:


Type of lodging Lower Site            Upper Site            Total

Tent Cabins                                                                         15                        13                        28

Eco-Cabins                                                                          17                        20                        37

Family Tent Cabins                                                                9                 _____ 6                    _    15

Total                                                                                   41                         39                            80

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