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From the beginning, the Avalon Springs team has done their homework.  Before launching into plans and designs, the process of building Avalon Springs began with research and listening to the land, to neighbors, and to the previous owners. The Permaculture Master Plan studied every aspect of the land, waters, climate, and seasons of the land of Avalon.  The Historic Archaeology Report honored the past incarnation of the resort as Howard Hot Springs, in the spirit of conservation and stewardship of a long history on the site.  From these studies, the conscious design of Avalon Springs flowed naturally.



Permaculture Map


Initial designs were assisted by top-notch eco-conscious design firms including Arkin-Tilt Architects, Winzler Kelly Engineering, and Sentient Landscape along with Exos Permaculture Design.  These designs set the tone for relaxing and casual yet sophisticated styling, an indoor-outdoor back-to-nature feel, and the inclusion of the flowing waters through all aspects of the resort.



lodge design


The county of Lake was supportive and helpful throughout the permitting process that followed, actively encouraging the re-development of the healing resort and its cutting-edge eco-friendly infrastructure.  Avalon's Major Use Permit was approved with flying colors, and a stamp of approval from neighbors, staff, and Sierra Club alike, since Avalon's own research was more thorough already than most imposed Environmental Impact Reports in other developments.



upper site rendering


Now, Avalon Springs is poised and ready to build 80 earth-friendly guestrooms including tent cabins, yurts, and eco-cabins built of cob and reclaimed redwood.  The historic lodge is to be renovated to house the dining area, event space, and offices.  New bath houses, pagodas, and an art studio will grace the lower site around the pools, and on the upper view site, event spaces, group spaces, and an open air amphitheatre will provide space for groups to be engaged and inspired.

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