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Project Overview

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Avalon Springs is a hot springs eco-resort currently in development on a beautiful hilltop site just north of the Napa Wine Valley. Complemented by a learning center for sustainability, the Avalon Learning Village, Avalon Springs provides an inspiring respite for those looking to learn new tools for eco-living and natural wellness, while also relaxing in natural hot springs waters renown for their healing qualities.

Artist Rendering of Avalon Springs

The Waters of Avalon Springs

To experience Avalon Springs is to experience the healing nature of water.

Avalon Springs is graced with eleven different natural hot springs and therapeutic mineral drinking springs bubbling forth from the earth.  With plans for nineteen soaking pools, Avalon Springs will boast more pools per guest than any other hot springs resort around.  With a lush eco-friendly design, the pools will be offered without chemical pool treatments common in most resorts.  The purity and abundance of the waters, along with specialized water-centered programming, will make Avalon Springs a premiere hot springs destination world-wide.


Building Avalon Springs Sustainably

Partially utilizing existing infrastructure and existing buildings, as well as new sustainably built cabins and semi-permanent structures, Avalon Springs has been designed to have minimal impact on the land, minimize project costs, minimize the construction period, and maximize value through intelligent design.

The resort will gracefully integrate ecological technologies in natural building, lush gardens, food forests, and water features.  Avalon Springs will offer a variety of lodging options, including tent cabins, eco-cabins, and family cabins, that appeal to those interested in sustainable development practices and engagement with the natural environment in a comfortable and even luxurious setting.


Programming at Avalon Springs

In addition to hot springs bathing, Avalon Springs will offer its guests an extensive range of water-based and conventional spa treatments, water and non-water based programming, as well as organic dining.

Extensive market research, land planning, and financial analysis has been conducted to develop the Avalon Springs concept.  Capital requirements have been kept low through the use of existing infrastructure and semi-permanent lodging units.  Because of this cost effectiveness, as well as the spectacular beauty of the site and the appeals of its unique guest experience, Avalon Springs will can be built out to minimize needed investment and maximize potential revenue and profits.
Avalon Springs will be developed by Baywood Captial Corp and Canopy Development, both of which have extensive experience in resort development and management.



After thirty years of commercial real estate development and managing successful resorts and hotels, Michael Woods’ devotion to founding Avalon Springs comes from a deep desire to use his experience to create a truly unique, socially and ecologically responsible hospitality offering.  He has assembled a uniquely diverse and capable team to help him do just that.



The Historical Resort & Existing Buildings

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