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Why Avalon?

Friday, 30 September 2011 10:05
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Because this is special land with incredible healing waters...

A place where eleven natural springs bubble up from the earth, the land of Avalon Springs has been held sacred for generations.  

...that offers people connection with something deeper,

Standing on the plateau, looking out over 50 miles of wooded canyons and plains, people feel the gentle breeze blowing steady across the hills, and the effect is deeply inspiring.

...something they can take home with them to make life better for their families

Classes in backyard organic gardening, easy composting, and natural wellness help guests leave inspired and empowered to live well.

Because it's time to give something back,

After 30 years as a successful real estate and hotel developer, Michael Woods secures the land for Avalon Springs with a promise in his heart to create a project that makes the world a better place for his children and their children. utilize sustainable ways of development,

Natural buildings, ingenious water systems, and lush gardens producing food everywhere demonstrate sustainable practices and tools that are both more responsible and add more enjoyment to life.

...and demonstrate that business and community can walk together

Where a collaborative business culture encourages creativity, accountability, and teamwork, staff become community, and guests are welcomed into a delightful atmosphere of true hospitality. create a better future

Avalon Springs is a solid business venture that also models new ways of infusing life with collaboration, eco-friendly ways and tools, and a deep connection to nature and reverence for what matters.

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