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Avalon Springs’ Core Values

Monday, 11 August 2008 01:19
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Creek Rock Waterfall

These statements of intention are our staff’s credo, designed to create a feeling of community, investment, and personal responsibility.  This is the foundation of our organizational culture, and the support for a staff devoted to joyful service.


Regenerative Sustainability
We choose ways that give back more than they take from all natural systems, dedicating ourselves to utilizing renewable energy resources, waste systems, practicing informed stewardship of the land and community for the benefit of the next seven generations.


We honor the whole ecosystem we live in, and we choose to learn from and work with the natural systems in our organic gardening, landscaping, and harvesting of plants and animals for food, medicine, and other uses.  “Permaculture requires our hearts to feel the land, our senses to observe how nature works, our minds to use these observations, and our bodies to put it into practice.” (Stacia Nordin of Malawi)


Intentional Field
We consciously share a field of intention in order to direct our combined energies to support harmony, abundance, and the highest good for all. These intentions are memorialized in our Field of Alliance statement.


Intentional Design
The architecture, landscaping, and décor of Avalon Springs are being consciously designed to invite visitors into a deeper experience of the beauty of the land, the healing power of the waters, and the wisdom of their own hearts. From the chakra-journey path of the master plan, to the pre-bathing ritual of the bath house, to the numerous meditation nooks and sanctuaries built into our landscape design, Avalon is designed from the ground up to provide opportunities for people to experience the sacred mystery of life.


Holistic Health and Self Healing
We support and offer healing methods that empower our guests to discover the healing power within, including massage, aquatic bodywork, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, nutritional and naturopathic consulting, energy medicine, herbal treatments and shamanic healing. We offer classes that serve to balance the body/mind/spirit connection, and to train practitioners in these modalities. We feel the importance of holistic forms of healing which honor the inherent wholeness and intelligence of each of us and serve to support and nurture our greatest potential for vital health on every level.


Sustainable Business
Avalon is committed to co-creating systems of business that empower our staff, guests, and greater community to express and experience their full human potential. This is a business philosophy based on cooperation and communication rather than competition. Openness and honesty are reflected in the financial transparency of Avalon Springs, creating an environment of informed decision-making and trust among all involved. Avalon Springs aspires to become a model for those interested in engaging in business as a life-enhancing enterprise, bridging the gap between the worlds of business and spiritual evolution.


Avalon Springs is not connected to any spiritual path, teacher, or tradition.  However, we design beautiful places to provide opportunities for guests to connect deeply with the mystery and meaning of life, and we honor all people of all traditions, religions, and cultures as they connect with this spirit of inspiration.


We are dedicated to cultivating the creative spirit and gifts of each resident and guest of Avalon Springs. By holding space for artistic expression and honoring the creative process, we foster an environment where the creative spirit can flourish. We believe our imagination has the power to reinvent our world.


Community Diversity
We welcome people of all ages, including babies, children, and elders. We honor and recognize the gift of our elders and intend to weave their wisdom and experience into the culture of our community life. We also recognize the importance of creating a life together that honors our children in a way that supports them to grow into their fullest human potential. We intend to create a culture where each of us is honored, supported and celebrated for who we are and what we contribute to the whole.


Embodied Education
Our intention in creating Avalon Springs is not just to create a beautiful place within which we can live, work, and play, but also to offer a living example of how to live in sustainability, spirituality, and integrity in this changing world. We believe that the best way to learn about permaculture, sustainability, and intentional living is through direct experience. We believe that those who learn this way at Avalon will take their embodied experience out into the world, transforming their communities, their businesses, their families, and ultimately healing Mother Earth.

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